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    • What is Human?

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      Were you ever curious about where human beings came from as a child? Science has many theories about how we came to be. And one of these theories explains our evolution more than a million years ago. Our early ancestors went through a lot of challenges and struggles to survive the world in those early days. But what is it in them that made them rise above and become the most dominant creature of the Earth?

      This documentary, presented by Professor Leslie Aiello and written and directed by Susannah Ward, explores our ancestors drive, spirit and resiliency with the help of paleoanthropologists and other experts as well as using re-enactments to tell our ancestors stories.

      Presented in several parts, “What Is Human?” is an interesting look about our origins and presents the human spirit in a way that remains so familiar and true to ourselves today.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Part 3:

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      Published on April 24, 2008 · Filed under: Anthropology
    • Mohammed

      The once who survived from the vulkan was Adem and Eve. From them the modern human became..

    • Dont AcceptIgnorance

      In regards to the previous comments by Mohammed:
      Adam and Eve? ADAM AND EVE? That is a tale. A story. Elders attempted to explain the past by stories. It is not real and evidence of its inconsistencies with reality. Scientific knowledge has debunked those tales of the past.

      Human Wisdom has moved forwards thousands of years ahead. Keep up with the times.

    • Eve

      If you want to name the first form of human ape adam and eve its ok.. But they are not the adam and eve that is talk from the bible coz bible is myth dont take it seriously coz its deadly ok mohammed? think like an educated human and youl gonna knw what im talkn about

    • Morte Cerbrale

      I have to disagree with the sentiment:"eventually propelled one animal to rise above all other creatures on Earth" We have not risen "above" in my opinion, not whilst were busy making a lot of the other creatures extinct, thus endangering the world wide ecosystem and thus risking our very existence. I understand the point, and it might just be semantics, but to me it smacks a little of latent elitism. We're different, and lucky enough to have cognitive and abstract thoughts, thats all.

    • Adelbert

      Was hoping to see a documentary, summing up what we know about our earliest ancestors, maybe even some original insights. But this is just another national geographic.
      Flashy, fast images; dressing someone up as a kind of monkey on hind legs, posing for camera’s or snatching someones drink, asking city people if they think he looks human…
      You are not going to learn anything here and you are most certainly not stimulated to think for yourself. Popularisation of science is fine, this has got nothing to do with science.
      As one of those city people says: “He makes me think of King Kong”.
      This sums it up. Americans who are used to simplified and spectacular (big, bigger, biggest) stories, not hampered with scientific fact or controversy will maybe like it. Others: don’t waste your time; it doesn’t get any better after the first 10 minutes.

    • Dreamlittledarling

      …And the endless religion vs. science debacle continues…
      The evolution of mankind came down to 2 species… the European apemen, and the African apemen. “Possible” interbreeding aside, European apemen went extinct… We are all descended from African apemen, who at one time were almost completely wiped out by drought. Only a handful of troupes survived, about the same number as orangutans left in the wild today. In such a small, isolated population, everyone is bound to be related in some way. So yes, we all did come from the same basic bloodline (as proven by modern science)… hence the Adam & Eve story.
      Ancient people had limited understanding of the world & history, and metaphorical creation tales were the best way they had to pass on their history to future generations. However, the parallels in creation stories from across the globe speak for themselves…
      When will people accept that not everything in life is black & white? Religion & science are both grey areas that overlap & interweave with each other… if humans would just stop bickering over “science vs. faith” (and put some basic psychology/sociology knowledge to good use), they would see just how interwoven the two really are… and this realization is the first step in gaining a REAL understanding of ourselves & our history!

    • Mihai

      Verry good documentary.